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 Li-Fi Technology

Hi Hello viewers welcome back to our World today. Today we are discuss about li fi technology. li fi System is a light-based communication technologies that transmits data using light waves rather than ratio technology. Wait till li fi becomes commonplace in the future if you think your internet is fast today. This type of technology will allow you to access technology that is even quicker and more dependable. Then it won't be able to replace Wi-Fi (or) even 4G (or) LTE, which stands for long-term evolution. Moreover, it will collaborate with them to ensure that you may watch and play online games without interruption. The best aspect about li-fi is that it will be a lifeline for any area that struggles with connectivity, such as hospitals and aeroplane cabins. li fi  will also provide fewer network disruptions, higher peak data speeds, and more security. li fi may be ten times less expensive than wi-fi. Not everyone will understand how li fi  works, and there is a lot of voodoo and black magic involved, but it is clearly explained. For you, terms To receive light waves, li fi employs a Photo Detector. It uses a Processor to transform the data into streamable information.

How Does It Works

When current an electrical is applied to an LED light bulb a constant stream of light is emitted. The Bulb which we see as illumination LED bulbs are electronic devices the current and there the light can be modulate at the high speed. This can be detected to photo detector and converted back to electrical current. Carrying data this is nervous system of an internet revolution. But Wi Fi is not replaced yur internet service provided. The internet to our home (or) office via wires once you have that the high speed connection you can deploy fast secure Wi Fi network. We using the power ethernet (or) power line communications. Greater density then many other radio frequencies. 100 megabits per second and 15 people are connected to the router. It means that you might able to access megabits per second . Meagbits  per second per life even if you had only eight lights in your room those same 15 peoplecould be share more then 300 megabits per second . Fast wireless communication real life Bi- Directional full duplex and high speed data is transmitted. User experience doing things like skype calls video streamings and virtual reality real life I is fully networked by lights in your life. The space each light even has its own IP address which means that you can offered location tracking and geofencing with in networking WI Fi a world with unprecedented data and bandwith be part of the light revolution. 

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