Artificial Intelligence

 Emerging Artificial Intelligence


We are know ai artifical intelligence will be arriving shortly. It has the potential to be one of the most disrupt human creations in our history. According to experts, ai artifical intelligence (or) AI will improve the lives of the majority of people in the next decade . 


As a result, today's technology will be a hedge to the most reliable and correct assumption . Reason tp believe that computers will become more intelligent then humans and we will able to take on activities that were previously reserved for humans. Decision making, Learning, and Reflecting, ai artifical intelligence is also capable of recognising patterns and delivered language translation using analytics and voice .


In Homes, Farms, and Business, We can benefit from time and money savings while also making our lives a whole lot more convenient. sure it may come at the expense of our humans and some our jobs, But we just have to accept the good with the bad and make sure that some rules for the use of (AI) ai artifical intelligence. Only utlising technology for the common good and ensuring that advances in AI are used to benefit rather than harm them .


It Incredible to image that even in the next decade will be able to connect to the internet through our smartphones. Ridiculous what they're coming up with. do yo envision any upcoming technology listed above being popular; So will you utilise them?