Scrub Typhus in India




Because the clinical features of scruff are similar to typhoid but the autological agent and treatment of choice are different. Many physicians are confused between the words scrub typhus and typhoid that's we can deal with these issues now. Let talk about the distinction between the autological agent orientea tosato sugamushi and the obligatory intracellular parasite. While typhoid is caused by salmonella, tosutosugamushi comes from the japanese words sugar, sickness, and musi, Which means bug. KCE is a natural and obligate interplanetary parasite that causes the illness scrap diverse in humans major symptoms of  sutasugamus infection is fever. The symptom are not distintive and are comparable to those of a group of acute undifferentiated fevers that include malaria, leptospirosis, typhoid, mutant typhoid, chikungunya, and dengue fever is currently no vaccination available .



Ur's Camp(or)Trek in the woods(or)Scrubs. And fever, chills, cough, redeyes, and ulcer at the bite site are among symptom. sitting lying on the naked ground, grass, other plants is not recommended, Use bug repellents on your skin and wear long sleeved shirts and tousers. If exhibit your symptoms, see a doctor right away because scrub typhus is a treatable disease, conducting some very basic tests and we can diagnose a percentage of the population So gracious to be treated by a doctor .