We want to go back to the july 2019 encounters naval warships, Inculding the USS Omaha. Its have been conduct drills off the coast of california for days on july 15. They were attacked by drone like objects around at 11 p.m ,Omaha is about to film some of the most riveting ufos the lost evidence ever seen in the modern Era .
The Tape which has been obtained by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell from inside the ship battle intelligence centre shows a spherical shape object flying near the ship in rough and windy circumstance.Omaha picinic child rocco pearl the pass capability to launch hilo asap. Its coming near this is occuring the same month that the green pyramid film was shot on board the USS russel another ship participating in similar exercises.


When the object appears to dive inti the ocean. The Omaha is concerned enough to prepare to launch a helicopter. According to splattered mark bearing range conformation reports Omaha and nearly submarine searched the water for any signs of the object but discovered nothing. Trans-Medium UFO (or) USO is a crucial element in that issue into the ocean, its an object that appears to pass amphibious capabilities in the other word in a submerged object. This is a belief on data gathered from other ships in the sea inculding our own. As result is plausible that these unidentified objects are chasing our submarines for decades the US navy has been tracking them the famous Aguadilla incident off the coast of Ouerto Rico in 2013. In that footage from a dea aircraft showed an oject circling the airport before flying out to sea and falling into the water at high speed before resurfacing. The major source Trans-Medium goods are not the same.
Its possible a parachute ,but it doubt going horizontally over the ocean. A search of the region no material was discovered and the infrared heat signature would not have lost so qucikly after it struck the ocean. Its unlikely to be an aircraft because the item has no wings and we can observe that the temperature is uniform across all surfaces because it was recorded on camera . If it were a jet the back exhaust nozzel would be hotter, an adversary was launched by a drone in order to acquire information on our aerial defence capabilities. However even if the drones shatter on collison anticipate the parts of show up in the thermal image instead of disappearing. We have nearly eliminated out every other earthly explanation thue we must seriously examine the possible that object was a foreign military on the other hand how likely is it tha the U.S military no matter how well intentioned unabale to detect such objects?