ADVANCED Ancient Civilization In Rome


 Hi Hello viewers welcome back to our World today. Today we are discuss about Rome. ADVANCED Ancient Civilization In Rome. rome is the capital of Italy. The seat of the comune Roma capital, a special and the capital of the Latium region. It is also the core of Rome's Metropolitan town and most highly populated country as well as the European Union's third most highly populated town. With a population of 4,355,750 people's the Metropolitan town of Rome is Italy's most popular metropolitan. Rome is the italian peninsula in the province of Lazio (Latium) on the Tiber's banks. rome city The Vatican City is an independent country within the city as a result, Rome has been referred to as the capital of two states. Due to its geographic location. Rome is also known as the "Eternal City" and "The city of Seven Hills ."


Over the past 20,000 years the world has seen countless civilizations but the Roman Empire, that originated in Rome , Italy in 753 B.C has indoubtedly left the biggest mark on history. It began as an expansive Empire in 509 B.C. When the orginal Roman Kingdom was overthrown and became the Roman republic, fast becoming an unstoppable military force thanks to technology acqired from the nations they invaded meticulous training, and highly effective societal structure. The Empire took control of the Mediterranean world and set its sights even higher by the time of its collapse. Because of the structure and culture that they brought with them, So many countries and former Roman territories share the same language and have similar constitutions. Ousted and replaced by Emperors in 27 B.C, Roman academics advanced the ideas of a democratic system composed of a senate and elected officials. Due to the need to cover a varied terrain, Roman engineers learned a variety of construction techniques, Which led to the development of not only the famous Roman roads, But also bulidings that could surive earthquakes and even structures that could divert the flow of rivers. Their culture from their obsession with sports and literature to their love of art performances and entertaining guests. The world changed forever. Without the Romans life would to be very different today and while they may be have used questionably violent means to forge their Empire, It has benefited us all in the long run in rome city.

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