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Hi Hello viewers welcome back to our World today. Today we are discuss about FBN. Farmers Business Network is committed to assisting Family Farmers in maximizing their farm's Earning potential through a data and technology driven direct to farm marketing strategy. Agriculture has become much more productive and environmentally friendly because to advances in Technology, Inventive Ideas and Exciting Concepts.

Simply put running a family farm is difficult and small farms have always struggled to complete with large factory farms. Whether its when it comes to buying seeds, selling crops (or) purchasing machinery. The farmers business network (or) FBN is the best attempting to change this narrative because it is essentially an all-around solutions that allows farmers to manage every financial part of their business with simplicity. The app's price is transparency module helps farmers to see the prices that other farmer market pay for common chemical and seed inputs, Allowing small farmers to truly compete with the big guys. What's are these features? well the first is the app's price trnsparency module. Which allows farmers to see the prices that other farmers pay for common chemical and seed inputs, Saving farmers an average of 19% . Ten percent off median price of chemicals, Discount on seed prices. FPN the other hand does more than only assist in the search for informations. Inexpensive but they must be  right seeds, because it allows users to obtain yield and over 1400 seed prices are available varieties. When farmers choose the type indicated by the platform their yield increases by 18 bushels peracre on average. These inputs FBN offers a range of Tech-Related services, The most famous of which is free satellite imaging, Which allows farmers to better monitor their fields. Farmers save an average of 2.5 dollars per acre on satellite imagery fees and thanks to the network's close to 14000 active members farmers can bounce questions and ideas off one another to make the best company and agriculture decisions possibled. This service usually costs a small monthly fee for a limited times. This system is now totally free all farmers. So if you're a farmer market and what to see if it's right way for you and there's no better time than right now. 

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Thank you for Watching My visiters And keep Supports.

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