Egyptian Mysterious

 Egyptian Text and Bible


 Hi Hello viewers welcome back to our World today. Today we are discuss about Egyptian Mystery.The Egyptian has a longest healthy and wealthy civilization flow at the Nile river with fertile banks and delta and achivement of Egyptian's native community and circumstances. They discovery and help among the seven wonders Ancient world great pyramid of Giza. The Egyptian civilization are around 3150 BC at the politically integration lower and higher Egyptians. The first king of the dynasty, Narmer. The native Egyptian ruled at lasted conquering the Achaemenid Empire in the sixthy century BC.  


In 14th century BC The Amara Tablets are hundreds of clay tablets from it. They undercovered Tell Amarna back in 1887, Thought written 3000 years earlier during the region of the King Amenhotep III Egyptian. The tablets have been absorb archaeologists for decades. Because it not only do they shine a light on the everyday political landscape of an ancient Egypt. They was also seem to be directly link's in the Bible. The Tablets provided by the earliest mention of the world Hebrews and the people were community the today Israel. In the mind that a lot of thinkings about consider the Bible to not only be a religious. But the Historical account of fact events is happening in the Middle East over a long span of time. In college of california discussion about the Amara Tablets are directly link inthe Historical narrative tells in the Bible. 

The Amarna Tablets 382 each of the size of our hand. The tablets show corresponding between the Egyptian pharaoh and dignitaries in the places like Babylon and Assyria. 20 years written the ancient Akkadian languages and with in the passages of reference to the mysterious people to the Habiru. Our experts like believe the Habiru the Hebrews. The historiannwould been need to take the closer look like at the stories in that Bible. Archaelogical dicovered noticing certain stories in the Bible to the History of events. While dramatic it's looked like more and more Bible is indeed a historical tome. That is the world oldest book in our History. 

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