Aliens Plot


Hi Hello viewers welcome back to our World today. Today we are discuss about Aliens plot. In July 23-2021 our famous astronomers find's the ground breaking studies by using a highly details in 3D map of the milky way galaxy. They all conduct watching the monitoring of more then star systems. And they all are analyzing after the data come's and very shocking ends. Yeah our universe findings show that there are potential 29 Advanced Extraterrestrial civilizations are located in 50 light years of our earth and that possible to have been discovering us. 

The idea might be other life out there in old record's history. And also off course there is always have been this idea in there are other life forms out there that extraterrestrials. Maybe take the views that logical to eliminate any potential threat. 

Yeah there's the idea that these super predator civilization would have be comb the universe looking fot the first signs of emerging space as far civilizations and exterminating them. Our scientists want to reach out and advertise our existence and say's here we are this is our location our state of the technology come and visit us. what do you are thinking about this? But in my mind say that's bad idea catastrophically. In history show as that civilizations encounter each other outcoming often tragitic. I thinking we should be keep our identify a secret for it's. We will encounter other life forms other intelligences with in this universe at the sometimes. It not matter of a really just a matter of like any aliens interactions might end the world in huge apocalyptic events. So while prepared to that know about that aliens are want to talk to them. Some ideas extraterrestrials would have been across the galaxy to the wipe out humanity. May be sound like somethings out of science fictions but there are others belive that will the realm of possibilities. Because they are claim the evidence suggest extraterrestrials are already here in July 25-2021. After many long have suspected unidentified aerial other's known as UAPS do facts exits the government tracked that saying about the little possible way about UFOS. The office directors national intelligence delivered a ufo reports. That events happen many times. Explanation as yet and the very interesrting that the government is  actually telling about the general to publics. Ufo is existential threat so those sort of te civilizaions with may be millions of years head start on us in terms of scientific understand technology. They could have be wipe out in instant probably have technology that could crack this planet opens. Evidence of the encounters with unidentified aerial  Ufo tapes have been reason to very worried. A tip of pentagon program looking at Ufos and they were studying the technologies that Ufos would need to travel. Yeah revealed that had been many videos taken through forward infrared cameras. The pilots tracking and in some cases getting hugely interested concered about the speed and the maneuvers the acceleration. Sometimes can evade our air defenses together show up on rader but other times not the best aircraft we have are left standing by these things about the technology. That is greater then anything we have been have to say this is a threat You. 


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