Neuralink chip


Neuralink Chip: 

Hi Hello viewers welcome back to our World today. Today we are discuss about Neuralink contains between Neuron, Brain, link like's this chip is integrated with circuit designed by interactions with the neuronal cells. In July 2016 corporate started by Elon Musk. That corporate received a foundation of investment 100 millions USD. The working peoples are 100. On 2017 Elon Musk announced in the Twitter that they are recruiting scientific. Many scientists will be approached corporate for the job. That research going on one year. In 2019 the corporate tells they developed a device. 

How It works and develops:

They are fitted with monkey and the monkey is operating the computer. This news are very surprised to hear. The device is small and it is attached in the backside of ear. The device has wires which go in the head. That is caleed N1 Chipset. On August 2020 Elon Musk introduced the N1 chipset version2 Neuralink. The device is 2 to 4 Millimeteres small device. The device in the outside does not have any wires. But inside the device they are 1024 wires are in that chipset. These wires are 10 times smaller then our human hair. Through a medical operations will be instal the device in the head. There is no risk involved in the medical teams. They are also created a Robot to the Medical Operation to install the device in the human head. In this process of robot has been develope's DARPA. 

About DARPA works:

DARPA works with the Department of Defence and Department of Health and Huma Services. DARPA was created that robot to do mediacl operations. In the medical operations a Drill will be used to create a small hole in the human skull with 2 Millimeteres. Neuralink says about that the medical teams procedure will not need any Anesthesia and it will be done with in a one day. End of the day, N1 Chip will be installed in your head....... Yeah I know what you are think and ask me about that? it means Installing device?  Yes  it will be under to your skull. These 1024 wispy wires will be in your heads nervous system. The signal which means Brain produces in the Analog signal. The Computer sends Digital signals. The device has convert from of Analog to Digital. So the signal from the brain will be received by the device and will gives a Digital version. And they have also implements type of bluetooth technology. 

It Uses:

It uses for sending Photos and videos from one mobile to another we are use the Bluetooth. The data has been transferred. This similar process to this your brain data will be transferred to another location. This location is  mobile app which is shown Elon Musk. So this app will be available in Google play store. The Pod or the device installed in your head will have an address. Using the address we can connect the device to the app. So whatever you thinking in your brain will be digitalized and recording process also in the app. 

It Functions:

If you receive a mobile calls, Just thinking it you can attend the phone calls. So when you have been imaging taking the call and gave the order the device will be attend the call and also record the full conversation and imformations. So the N1 Chipset will be convert the digital data into Analog data and inject the information into your brain. 

It Benefits:

1. Elon musk tells that he can give vision to the blind. They will give a headset which will high definition camera. So when the camera records the digital data the Chipset will be converted into the Analog data and show it to the Blind peoples. So the digitalized data will be shown to the people who are blind thus giving them visions. 

2. Hearless people's After installing this device can you hear the sounds and voices around them. This device will be transformed the data to analog for the people to hear. So who have defferent disabilities can be overcome anything using the device. This device is also able to identify the diseases which are affecting the human body. 

It's Battery Device:

The battery is hold to the one day. Every day you have to recharge the battery in your skull. They are now trying to develops a wireless recharge options. In 2020 Neuralink talking that phase with the FDA it means Food & Drug Administration. Now this device will be come Humans trials. In august 2020 they tested the device in a pig. Three pigs had the device installed. When the pigs ate and walked telecasted the visuals from the brains as live telecasting. So Neuralink will be conduct human Life's.

The Complete statements: 

This is very good Technology for our humans. But they are other things as well as. In future the Visuals have in your brain will be drawn a computer uses the software. So you thinking in your mind will be visually treated in the computer. N1 Chipset will be do it works. That is mean Superman Vision. 
EX: If you think about a one thing. The N1 Chipset will be search immediately for the thing are online and will post your results. Your eyes will not see it but the signals from the mobile will be transmitted to the brain directly.  
We have already discussed 1024 wires will be present in the device. Ecah and every wire is capable of sending 200MB data. These will be stored in cloud data. Every conversation images you see talk will be recorded. After ten years you can replay these data. So you can rewind that moments by using this device. 


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