Origin of Humans


Hi Hello viewers welcome back to our World today. Today we are discuss about origin of humans.
How human beings originated?
Reason about human orgin and time of some circumstances?
What purpose humans originated? 
Can you know about our brain and it's evolves?
In which season did brain evolution?
What purpose early old age man to walk an 2 legs on first time?
First man originate place? 
He originated with one place to another place for travel?
And then who is the First human beign in our earth?


The duration of Dinosaurs 6 to 25 crore years from. After the dinosaurs become no longer existing. Our Earth was completely quiet. Earlier than 5 and half years 4 legs animals that were living on the trees. They are ancestors of monkeys, gorillas, chimpanzees were living on the tree. These 4 legs animals had change happening in them for several years. This changes is them to evoloved. Most of the year backs our contients are not the same look like today's. India was an island in 50 crore years. India islands start to move and collided with the Eurasian plates. This is the formation of the Himalayas. The 2 different plates are the formation of mountains. The Himalya mountains are formed by some 4 crore years ago. That is a very longest and slow process took a place 50 crore years. Himalya mountains are growing at the height of 1cm every years. The mountains range is formed by the collision of african plates. That is called East African about it 5600 km in length. It wasformed by before 1 and half crore years ago. But may be have start's to form of further early. The formation of mountains range is major reason of origin of humans. Because they are rainforests in the south africa. 


Humid air from the Arabian sea brought rains to the forest. It was fertiles. In that forests 4 legs animals are living in the trees. But due to the growth of mountains over the years mountains blocked the rain brings humid air. Due to this blockage of humid air forest got very less rain. Growth of the forest went down slowly all means. That size of forest is reduce to the greater extents. The animals living. Also suffer a lots. 60 to 80 lakh years ago the ancestors of monkeys, gorillas, chimpanzees are started to moves a part by part. And 40 lakh years ago species named Australopithecus. It due to the reductions of tree in the forests. 

That animals are gathering food for 4 legs went down and walked with in 2 legs. This is not evolved into bipedal animals. Because it walks only a few times only. The size of brain that species is 400 to 500 cubic centimetres. The Archaelogical evidences proves that the first human evolves and came out of africa. The reasons for this is due to the natural like contiental move around. This is the starting point of shifting from the 4 leg animals to 2 legs. The strong reasons made 4 leg animals to becamed a 2 leg one was about 32 lakh years ago. The first type of species to walk on 2 legs. That named it Lucy. Lucy is not single name of animal. It was name the group of animals walked in first. Due to the reductions of forest to finf the foods needed to go longest distance. it rised walk on 2 legs for bringing food on hands. While doing this is always. The shape of the hand changes. The usage of hands starts to the slowly evolve to the handle hard things. Lucy was the first bipedal animals. it was found from fossils in the Ethiopia. This small steps from walking on 4 legs to 2 was a gaint leap for the mankind today. Lucy is a group of name that particular group of bipedal animals at that periods. Though walking on 2 legs was a great evolution. But walking on 2 legs was big challenges for them. 50 to 60% of animals died in pregnancy. During 4 leg walking. It was easier for them and delivery baby. But after 2 leg walking adapting t the complex bone structures. There are many problems in that evolution. Other animals off springs start to the daily chores with in the same day of birth. But the human babies are protected grown for the entire first years. The reason is these things has to be done inside our body. The remain growth is done outside due to evolution. So only half the growth is done outside after birth needed extra care.  After 2 leg walk evolved in several 25 lakh years like Homo Habilis. In that periods he used some types of instruments like stones and bamboo for hunting.  


The size of  Homo Habilis brain is 600 cubic cm. Reason is comparing to the other animals and human brains are larger. But we need to think about ratio. Ants lift weight then body's weight, that how much weight can it lift more then it weight. This term of ratio human brains are larger. In 20 lakh years ago humans to had to be smaller brains. The evidence shows that humans started to use under control fire. Those times humans are like scavengers. Eating dead things and available to survival. Result in either to human eating being eating by them. Meat at the times was a rare food during that the time if there are forest fires is happing. And some animals would be falls on fire and die. This is first time he tasted the fired meat. It was very easy for him to eat the raw meat. They have to spent 7 to 10 hours eating process. But it took only less then an hour to eat the cooked meat. This are the biggest revolution. Because this time is saved to greater extents. This time he invested himself in arts and crafts like making flutes on bones, painting in rocks and caves using leaves. The art looks like some emotions to developed only after eating cooked food. The size of our jaws started to decrease eating cooked food. This made way in the skull for the brain to growing larger. Because of this our brain size increasing. So cooked foof plays a vital roles in the developed of human. After using the fire and cooking food the size of brain is 100 cubic cm. These species lived 15 to 18 lakh years ago it is called Homo Erectus. This is the process of change to scavenger to hunters. Only before 3 lakh years ago man started to use fire in a controlled the manners. This time food was not a problem they lived in groups used fire to cook. 3 lakh years ago was the origin period of Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens is evolveded after Homo Erectus and also Neanderthal evoloved during that period. In 5 to 2 lakh years it evolution has been done completely Homo sapiens. It close to now. The evidence to show as that brain sizes about it 1350 cubic cm. In before 5 lakh years ago vocal start's to evolve's at the effictive. We can see the many rocks and cave arts now, These were done during that period. That everything see drawn and painting in the form of that days. 


After 10000 years ago our humans beings started Agriculture process.And they are shifted nomadic life to permanent place and do agriculture. That period is being domesticated by humans. After settled in place we agriculture, domesticated of dogs was done in that periods. 5000 to 6000 years ago we get written the scripts in scribbling forms. Like wise slowly evolution took place in human beings. Humans travel from africa. The humans traveled africa to half part of the world. 50000 to 60000 years ago migrated the first human happends. This is due to the population spreads migrated. But we have not took nutritions. After years ago he took proper nutritions and other factors caused migrated. So like the humans traveled from africa to the other part of world. 


Homo sapiens and neanderthals lived partnership. The evidence to show as that neanderthals lived till 2500 years ago. But organisms other then Homo sapiens have becomes it. Factors of diseases, genome, climate change are caused by extinction. Lot of neanderthals lived in Eurasia. They were fights happening between Homo sapiens and neanderthals. It could be among have been inter breed among themseleves at create new species. This are evolution has been happens to lakh of years ago. The population of human now is around 800 crores. 2 lakh years ago population of homo sapiens would be like around 1000 to lakh. That Homo sapiens period are group of people growth human from baby to adult is a slow process. These are the Our human Orgin and evolution in our world.  

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