Xenobot-World First Living Robots

Hi Hello viewers welcome back to our World today. Today we are discuss about Xenobot.We think that's Robots (or) AI have been develop to help us humans. They are work for humans in coming days. Many Scientists prediction is AI will be one day slave the humans. This has started to happens. AI  many humans have lost their jobs. But now they have develop a new Robot are called Xenobot. They also say as that the Xenobot is living Robot. These Xenobots can perform Self-replications. Yeah we will discussed about that details in this post. 


In 2020 Our world was in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Scientists from Tufts and Vermont universities were researches for long time. Their research was to develops an AI. A self aware Robot will be replace Humans in work. Now the scientists from universities created AI with living cells. They are synthetic lifeforms. They wanted to give their AI a shape. They selected a frog which is Xenopus Laevis which is from the African Region. The scientists taken the stem cells from this frog. 


Stem Cells are specialized cells. The stem cells are can be replicated and also retrieves Heart cells and skin cells. They have been retrieved nearly 1000 to 3100 cells. They can combined these cells to create a structure. They have retrieved these living cells and used many combination. The skin cells create skin and heart cells that can be Shrink and They will be expanded. When they combining the skin and heart cells they created a structure. And using the structure they can be make these cells walk.


The heart cells can be make the living robot moves. They conduct with research and they need to evolution of algorithms. They can ran this algorithms through a supercomputer. They have been try to create many shapes were billion in numbers. Shaping like  AI is no easy to process it's. They line the skin cells and insert the heart cells. This will be the result in the movements of cells. This various combination is called skin and heart cells. After conducting the various test and confirmed a shape and created a living robot. They named it Xenobots. When scientists change the combinations the Xenobot can be moving in various direction. The Xenobot can move and can heal themselves. This a major discovered.

The Xenobots are not a robots nor living organism. They living robots. It can be heal itself because of the stem cells. The Xenobot movement is have been structured by scientists. In 2020 they are will be created the prototypes. 


We can be easily modified a robot's physical structure. The spare parts from other robots can be used on the other robots. The Xenobot takes loose cells and stored them in one place. When other cells are brought to this place a new Xenobot is creation. For the Xenobot to work it needs to specialized enviroment. There are issues with Xenobots. But the scientists are thinking of giving memory to these Xenobot. These proteins are array excitation and emission spectra. We thinking about giving Xenobot a molecular memory. The issue starts with this molecular memory in the Xenobot. This is called Emerginig Behaviour. If the cells from human body have been separated the cells cannot do anything individual things. It starts to think. It will have memory power and can make decisions on its own That is called Emerging Technology. Xenobot is very small in size. It may be 1 Millimeter. So if we can place three or four Xenobot they will be join and start to the work. The command will be to travel in a straight line. The Xenobot will be go in the straight line and come to Back. Xenobot can be evoloved in the Coming Years. The MicroPlastics will be used to remove Xenobots. They will place medicines and inject the Xenobot inside the human body. The human body has internal injuries the Xenobot will be recognized it place. Xenobot is used for medical treatments. Radio active elements used it. 


It's can be live from 7 to 10 days. And Self replicated Xenobot cannot replicate due to weaker state. Scientists say that in the future that maybe able to replication in five generations. Xenobots evolution is taked place. We are witness the World's first Living Robot. The animals behaviour inculded programmed. Xenobot do not have genetically modify cells. It supposed want to use genetically modified cells in the Xenobot. The Emergent to join together and work. They will be communicated with one to another. We have to leave the science. If you split it the Xenobot into that. The healing property is the Xenobot.  If Xenobot manage to escape the lab and adapt the enviroment. Enviroment is created and Xenobot manage to evolves. Xenobot has created using frog cells. What will happens in it wait and see about it. 

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